Stone Age to Iron Age Workshops 

A whole day of active learning 

This Stone Age to Iron Age workshop has been carefully designed to offer exciting hands-on activities with fantastic learning opportunities linked to the KS2 curriculum. Lots of relevant historical vocabulary is introduced and used by the children during the day, as they carry out a range of activities. 
In the first part of the workshop, children are asked to explore the question 'How do we find out about the past?' through a practical activity, before becoming archaeologists themselves. They excavate artefacts from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age and discuss the different materials they are made from, discussing how our ancestors developed from using stone tools to smelting metals. The process of putting them into chronological order generates much discussion and use of historical language, as they create a mini museum of the Stone Age to Iron Age. 
The second part of the workshop involves an introduction to the technologies used from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, as hunter-gatherer, nomadic lifestyles changed with the introduction of farming. 
Children find out why people started making pottery for the first time, then make their own Stone Age pot to keep and take home. As part of teacher-led activities, children can also can make an arrow with a flint arrowhead and grind grain using a quern stone. As part of specially arranged workshops at certain times of the year, children could even have a go at building their own mini Neolithic house in the school grounds! 
Response to this workshop has been overwhelmingly positive from both teachers and pupils alike. 
So why not book this memorable experience for your school? 
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